Dana Lee is a professional freelance writer and midwife to transformative stories of the heart.   She is happiest when connecting in a meaningful way with others, and seeks to share stories that encourage gratitude, living a life with purpose and helping others find purpose in themselves. Her personal story of awakening after losing 120 pounds naturally through yoga, healthy eating and weight lifting following 15 years of obesity is the catalyst for returning to her lifelong passion of letters.  After working over 25 years in finance and accounting, she answered the call of her heart to help others through yoga, reiki, reiki massage and sharing stories of transformation to reduce the suffering of others.  She cares deeply about her work, her family and friends, and social justice issues revolving around empathy in our society, acceptance, equality, tolerance such as LGBTQ, education for women worldwide, women’s reproductive rights, and dignity for life.  Dana addresses her love for global health and wellness through a yogic path of connected consciousness, body positive healing modalities, natural weight loss, prayer, reiki, massage, meditation, kindness and compassion. Her intent is to bring yoga to the marginalized, injured, aged, hopeless, and into our educational and prison system.  Dana graduated with Honors from Saint Mary’s College of California while working full-time with a young family.  She is a native Texan now living in California. She is available for public speaking, yoga classes, reiki healing sessions, ghostwriting, co-authoring, editing, or custom projects worldwide.

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