4 thoughts on “Before/After

  1. WOW!!!!!! My story is not unlike yours. You take care of your family and super mom you become. You are the last thing on the list of a very busy life. I am somewhat close to where you started. Am on a weight training program but still not eating the way i should be. How did you get started? Did you use a specific plan? Did you just research the right things to eat? I need help!!! You are an incredible inspiration! When i see someone like you i say to myself “if she can do it…… why cant I????”

    1. My story is not that unusual, I think. Most women are really amazing caregivers and hard workers. Seems like we forget to take care of ourselves. I wish I would have figured out how to wake up and integrate healthy habits earlier. Maybe watch less TV?

      I got started through a company wellness program that required that we have 4 coaching sessions.I was really lucky to have Dan Trongone coach me and he made all the difference. He called me once a week and helped me get my food and exercise going. Strength training is essential as well as food. I also have a passion for yoga. Cardio is integrated as well, but it is not to focus of my exercise. Also, a positive outlook is essential!! I am happy to encourage you and to tell you that yes, you can. You can do anything!

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